It's critical to know what a dog can't eat. Some human food is very dangerous for dogs. They can eat raw chicken, we can eat raisins and grapes, but confusing the two can be fatal to both human and dog!

Keep the following food out of reach from your dog!


Ingredients: Theobromine and caffeine.

Effects: Seizures, heart arrhythmia, death

Alcoholic drinks

Ingredients: Alcohol

Effects: Depression of central nervous system (CNS) – slows respiratory rate, can be fatal


Ingredients: Thiosulphate

Effects: Damages the red blood cells – anaemia

Raisins and grapes

Ingredients: Not known

Effects: Diarrhoea, lethargy, dehydration, kidney failure

Cooked bones

Ingredients: n/a

Effects: Can splinter, causing obstruction and/or lacerations in the mouth, throat and stomach


Ingredients: Persin – a fungicidal toxin

Effects: Stomach upset. The avocado stone can cause obstruction if swallowed

Coffee, tea, cola & energy drinks

Ingredients: Caffeine

Effects: Seizures, heart arrhythmia


Ingredients: Lactose

Effects: Dogs can be lactose intolerant – stomach upset, diarrhoea, itchy skin

Macadamia nuts

Ingredients: Not known

Effects: Pain for up to 48 hours, fever, weakness in the back legs

Sweets, chewing gum, diet foods, toothpaste

Ingredients: Xylitol

Effects: Rapid drop in blood sugar caused by increased insulin release. Disorientation and seizures, liver failure

Fat trimmings from meat

Ingredients: Fat

Effects: Pancreatitis. Liver and kidney problems

Soft fruit stones in peaches, plums, cherries

Ingredients: Cyanide (peaches and plums)

Effects: Inflammation of the small intestine, obstruction, poisoning

Sweets, sugary food and drinks

Ingredients: Sugar

Effects: Obesity, bad teeth, diabetes

Processed  foods – cured meats – crisps and salty snacks

Ingredients: Salt

Effects: Excessive thirst and urination. Not good for kidneys. Can cause seizures

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