Perfect for dogs at any age, all breeds and varying life-styles.


Consultations typically lasts for 45 - 60 minutes, plans are delivered via email within 48 hours, followed by a telephone call. During the consultation we will discuss your dogs wellness status (age, life-stage, body composition, weight, medical issues), diet (current feeding rhythm), lifestyle (active or sedentary), and of course what you're wanting to achieve from the consultation.


General diet advice

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Perfect for general diet advice, understanding of feeding disciplines and diet as a prerequisite for dogs who are about to go into learning activities i.e. training of all sorts.

  • Nutrient requirements
  • Food types: Wet, dry (aka kibble), raw feeding, cooked, low temperature cooked, commercial prepared and homemade food
  • Meal size, meal frequency
  • Hydration 
  • Treats


Weight Management

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Perfect for advice on maintaining a healthy weight and for dogs who need to loose weight. 

Overweight dogs accelerated degenerative illness due to their body being under constant stress, and overweight dogs can be prone to bone, ligament and joint damage, as well as diabetes, respiratory and heart conditions.

Advice for dogs with a diagnosis of illness including allergies and intolerances.



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Yep lets talk about 'poop'. Poop tells so much about whats going on inside your dogs gut, and as  highlighted on my gut health page, is super important for achieving wellness and improving behaviour.

Poop also helps with the diagnosis of illness including infection, allergies and intolerances.

This service may include a stool test at additional cost. 

I am not a vet and I don't provide any medical advice, therefore this service will require sign-off by your vet. 

Unsure what consultation is a right fit for your dog?

Don't worry, please contact me to discuss.