The truth about dog food

Choosing the right dog food is so important!

Dog food advice

Canine nutrition and diet needs vary depending on the age - puppy to ageing dog, size - small to giant breed, lifestyle - sedentary to active working dog, pregnant mum nursing her puppies, and health status– fit and well to unfit and unwell. 

Choosing the right dog food is super important. Today’s dog food choices are vast, from raw, biologically appropriate, grain-free, cold pressed, ketogenic, breed specific, tailored, hypoallergenic, therapeutic and prescriptions food, means making the right choice can be overwhelming. 

Dog food manufactures advertising can be misleading and what’s written on the front isn’t necessarily what’s written on the back or what’s inside the food packet. A food can be advertised as made with beef, chicken or fish dish as long as it comprises of 4% of that animal protein, even if it is meat meal (meat meal being part meat, what meat? Who knows!)

Dog food advice

Pet food makers are not required to list the exact contents of their food. This allows many companies to change their recipe depending on what protein or grain is most abundant or cheapest at the time of manufacturing.

Ian can help you to select a dog food whose makers are responsible, that do care about what's in their food – there are a handful of these, or help you create a homemade meal plan best for your fur baby.

There's more........... the food we feed our dogs plays an enormous role in their learning ability, mood and behaviour. Please click the link below read about 'the gut-brain connection'' 


 It is critically important to avoid certain foods that can cause ill health, and some can even be fatal.